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Master P – The Gift

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  1. Master P – Spotlight (Ft. Howie T) (The Gift) – Download
  2. Master P – Lonely Road (Ft. Howie T & AD) (The Gift) – Download
  3. Master P – It’s a Jungle Out Here (Ft. Howie T) (The Gift) – Download
  4. Master P – You a Genius (Ft. Alley Boy) (The Gift) – Download
  5. Master P – Two Three (Ft. Rick Ross) (The Gift) – Download
  6. Master P – Change Ya Life (Ft. Silkk the Shocker & Howie T) (The Gift) – Download
  7. Master P – Holding Back the Years (Ft. Cymphonique) (The Gift) – Download
  8. Master P – Ghost (Ft. Romeo) (The Gift) – Download
  9. Master P – You’re the One (Ft. Jeremih) (The Gift) – Download
  10. Master P – White (Ft. Yo Gotti & Krazy) (The Gift) – Download
  11. Master P – Woke Up a Millionaire (Ft. Deezle) (The Gift) – Download
  12. Master P – Let Me Find Out (Ft. Play Beezy & Gangsta) (The Gift) – Download
  13. Master P – You Ain’t Gotta Say Too Much (Ft. Miss Chee, Howie T & Larayne) (The Gift) – Download
  14. Master P – Make It Do What It Do (Ft. T-Bo) (The Gift) – Download
  15. Master P – I Ain’t Goin Let It Happen Twice (Ft. Gangsta & Play Beezy) (The Gift) – Download
  16. Master P – You Need To Know(The Gift) – Download
  17. Master P – I Need an Armored Truck (Ft. Romeo) (The Gift) – Download
  18. Master P – God Forgive Us (Ft. The Game & Nipsey Hussle) (The Gift) – Download

Master P The Gift Album Download

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